A Holistic Approach

The Skin is a unique and also the largest organ of the body. The way our skin looks is affected by internal medical problems, emotional and psychological stresses, weather conditions and different chemical and mechanical offenders that are exposed to the skin on a daily basis. Our skin is, therefore continuously under stress and environmental aggression that needs to be preserved to maintain its health and beauty.
When we are young, the superficial layer of the skin (the epidermis) renews itself actively at a good rate by the shedding of the dead unhealthy cells replacing them with young, healthy and active ones. The deeper layer (the dermis), continuously replaces the deteriorated collagen (for volume and strength) and elastin (for elasticity and structure). This is how and why young skin looks radiant and healthy.
No single technique is enough or satisfactory for specific concerns or skin conditions. Absolute Medi Spa offers you a professional integrated system to take care of your skin. We offer consultations and skin assessments to evaluate the skin and recommend what your skin needs to stay youthful and healthy. We suggest and discuss all the possible solutions to help you look happier, healthier and younger. The chosen regimen will be tailored to your general condition, your skin demands, lifestyle and budget.