Face Surgery

Face Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery of the face improves the signs of ageing through surgical and non-surgical techniques. It may also improve your own beauty. What is best for you may not be the same to somebody else. That is why during the surgical consultation different options are available. Surgical Treatments will have long lasting dramatic, yet natural looking results. Non-surgical treatments will enhance the beauty of your face by reducing wrinkles and other ageing factors with significantly less down time.


The facelift operation is a surgical procedure with the purpose of removing the sagginess and folds of the facial and neck tissues that arise with ageing. Since ageing affects all regions of your face, it is not uncommon that other procedures may need to be combined with a facelift operation such as eyelid, brow and forehead rejuvenation surgeries.


Rhinoplasty, or nasal surgery, to improve the appearance and function of the nose is a common operation performed today. Nasal deformities may be present at birth, or develop with aging and growth. The nose is the focal feature of the face and an ideal contour depends on the facial structures of the patient. In many patients a hump removal is all that is necessary to achieve the desired results. In many others the nasal tip or tip of the nose requires refinement, lifting or dropping to achieve a more beautiful appearance. Crooked, wide, long pointy or flat noses require different rhinoplasty techniques to be enhance your look, however all of these irregularities can be improved upon. As in all procedures, there are certain limitations in reaching your goal and the final outcome will vary from patient to patient.